Membership into the Chi Phi Fraternity is a lifelong commitment. Part of that commitment is showing financial support on an annual basis to our alumni association, The Briarfield. Without continued support from our Alumni, we would not be able to support the active chapter, enhance our chapter house, or hold alumni events. Recently, we have triumphed amidst the challenge of changing times and have become a stronger chapter than ever before. Your support is not only greatly appreciated, but critical in helping to maintain our continued growth and keeping our longstanding history and tradition alive!

To simplify the process of paying your dues, we’ve created links below, directing you to PayPal. If you wish to contribute more than your required amount, please click the “donate” tab on the homepage.

$100.00 – Annual Golf Tournament

$35.00 – Young Alumni (graduated less than 10 years ago)

$85.00 – Alumni (graduated over 10 years ago)

Other – Donate any amount you want


Or you may mail a check: Make checks payable to “The Briarfield Alumni Association” and mail to:

Alan Abels
157 Jordan Rd
Brick, NJ 08724-4726
(201) 650-8300