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Briarfield Officers:
President: Matt Scheller
Vice President: Mau Arellano
Secretary: Ray Glemser
Treasurer: Alan Abels
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Ken Sinclair
IT Coordinator: Casey Atkins
Events Coordinator: Brian McAuley


Alpha Mentor: Matt Scheller

Rush Mentor: Jay Crosby

New Member Educator Mentor: Mike Bearmore

Member Educator Mentor: David Long

Risk Manager Mentor: David Wachs

Web Master and Active Website Mentor: Casey Atkins

Alumni Relations Mentor- Barry Kraver

Accreditation Mentor Brad ParkesProf. Ken Sinclair

Andy Hutnikoff
Dave Emery
Chip Schwarzbach
David Long
Patrick Lee
Barry Kraver
Mau Arellano
Andrew Basso
Ray Glemser
Alan Abels
Matt Scheller
Jay Crosby

Trustee Emeritus:
Prof. Ken Sinclair
Ned Spitzig
Ardie Emery
Aarne Vesilind

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